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Southwest ailrine number

Destination selected? Check. Travel Date confirm? Check. Plane tickets purchased? Not yet! While completing a trip trifecta of Flight-Hotel-Car bookings, the flight is the first step that confirms yes- finally you are going on a trip. But, you can’t deny the fact that expensive air-tickets almost take half of your budget. Search a low-cost flight, maybe this is your idea to handle the whole ‘light pocket-expensive affairs’ situation. Well, if you are doing the same then you are not the only one.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, more than 2 billion people fly every year (yes almost 28% of the world population). So, you can understand that the aviation industry is really big where you can every kind of airline from lavish one to budget-friendly. Such an airline is Southwest Airlines- the largest low-cost airline in the world. The carrier flies to a vast number of destinations and offers great in-flight services; you can easily book tickets of any destination easily via Southwest Airlines Contact Number.

However, if you are thinking about what to expect when you are traveling through Southwest, well here we will decode every doubt for you. You can call at Southwest Airlines Contact Number anytime for assistance.

Thinking, why travel with Southwest Airlines?

“At Southwest, they’re on a mission to democratize air travel.”- Ken Blanchard. Love them or hate them, well Southwest Airlines is everywhere across the United States. Here, we will give you both the positive and negative sides of Southwest Airlines. So, you can decide better.

Destinations- They flies to lots of places

Southwest Airlines is one of the best ways to travel within the Americas as it flies to more than 100 destinations in 40 states of U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Central America.  Southwest is not like other typical low-cost airlines that offer limited destination options. Almost 30 % of local passengers use Southwest to travel within or outside the United States that the highest number than any other carrier. So, if you are thinking about the budget- traveling within American continents then this is your best option. Call at Southwest Airlines Contact Number to book tickets of any Southwest Airlines destination.

Low cost doesn’t mean low service

Southwest is really different from other low-cost carriers. When other low-cost carriers offer you only limited services, on the other side Southwest offers lots of services that you can compare with a traditional airline. In flights, you carry personal items along with carry-on baggage and don’t forget they allow you two free checked baggage as well. The moto of carrier is that ‘we don’t play the nickel-and-dime game like other guys’. Well, they actually stand firm this motto. That’s why more than 100 million passengers fly with Southwest every year.

Well, you can be a better judge of that, book your tickets now via Southwest Airlines Contact Number and explore Southwest hospitality yourself.

Best Frequent Flyer program

Southwest’s frequent flyer program- Rapid Rewards allows its passengers to earn more reward flight easier and faster. With no blackout, limitless reward seats and no expiration of reward points make it one of the best customer loyalty programs.

Note- Points or reward doesn’t expire till you have partner-earning or flight earing activity at least one time in every 24 months. So, whenever you require to book tickets, just call at Southwest Airlines Contact Number.

Pros and Cons of Southwest Airlines

Let’s, go through the pros and cons of Southwest Airlines quickly.

Pros of Flying with Southwest Airlines

  • It’s low-cost
  • No allotted seats
  • Two complimentary checked bags
  • Southwest Airlines credit card
  • Companion pass
  • Punctual and reliable flights

Cons of Flying with Southwest

  • Only Boeing 737 aircrafts
  • No free meals included in the fare
  • No seat Confirmation
  • Different Boarding Style

So, whether you decide to fly to with Southwest or not, you can’t deny the fact that this is one of the finest carriers in the world and the best one on the low-cost carriers’ category. If you are thinking to fly with Southwest, call at Southwest Airlines Contact Number to book tickets easily.